• [Is good meat of Okinawa direct delivery!]

    • Okinawa specialties Raftay

      850 yen
  • [Naha Tomari directly !! fresh fish cuisine]

    • Prefecture-produced fish sashimi

      630 yen

      Have an island fish that can not be easily eaten.

    • Assorted fish sashimi from the prefecture

      1260 yen

      The contents change according to purchase.

  • [Okinawa delicacy]

    • Jima three tofu

      650 yen

      Purple peanut tofu

    • Sea grapes

      Sea grapes

      Single 580 yen

      Speaking of delicacy Kore! Bubble wrap feeling does not accumulate!

    • Tofu

      500 yen

      King of delicacies! Koji Kozo of Island tofu is on!

    • Mimicerger

      530 yen

      Pig's ear skin.Crunchy! Peanut Miso Soup! Garlic sauce too!

    • Island pickles salted

      650 yen

      It's awamori!

    • Tuna jerky

      580 yen

      From Tokashikijima

    • Snoozeathy

      500 yen

      It is a thick mozuku vinegared from Okinawa!

    • Hiraya cheer

      600 yen

      Okinawa's Chijimi is where! Popularity !!

  • [Okinawa Healthy salad]

    • Island fish and avocado millefeuille salad

      Island fish and avocado millefeuille salad

      850 yen

      Irubucha etc. directly sent to Taimei Fresh island fish and avocado salad

    • Let's have an island tofu salad Miyako miso dressing

      780 yen

      The power of Nikuna and nutrition of Tofu.I am greedy and delicious!

    • Kalachkali Sukka and Hondama's Sea Salad Salad with Warm Ball

      780 yen

      Sucika is something like bacon in Okinawa.Hidamama things about Suizenji

    • Thai style salad with blue papaya and creamy

      780 yen

      Papain enzyme plenty! Som tumb-style fresh salad!

    • Shakijaki goya's mini salad

      580 yen

      Put roasted goya and onion onion dressing!

  • [Chanpuru (stir-fry) of the flame]

    • Bitter gourd Chanpuru

      Bitter gourd Chanpuru

      780 yen

      First of all, I have to pop the popular number 1! Kore!

    • Fu Chanpuru

      730 yen

      Cars 麩 Champloo.Very popular!

    • Sormin Champloo

      680 yen

      In Okinawa, also Sommen go to Champloo !!

    • Pork champloo

      730 yen

      Everyone loves it, luncheon meat's champloo.

    • Papaya Champloo

      780 yen

      Champuru of blue papaya.I can not eat easily!

    • Nabe Rambucy

      780 yen

      Popular menu! Boiled sautéed tofu with Miyako miso sauce!

  • [Fry]

    • Tempura of roast pot

      650 yen

      Hokuhoku delicious ~ ♪ popular! Please be sure to eat ~ ★

    • Tempura of goya

      600 yen

      Even Tempura is omelet with goya!

    • Island tempura tempura

      600 yen

      Many people say that they like tempura better!

    • Tempura packed with Okinawa vegetables

      880 yen

      Three points of gourd, roast pot and island season

    • Snoi heaven

      680 yen

      Tempura until mozuku!

    • Arthur Heaven

      680 yen

      Plenty of scent of the iso! Tempura of rocks!

    • Gulpun's raspberry

      730 yen

      Okinawa ken Prefecture fish Throw away from the staple of Takasago!

  • [Buckwheat Okinawa]

    • Okinawa soba

      780 yen

      Soup to boil over two days is excellent! Anyhow, please eat it at once!

    • Soki Soba

      830 yen

      Standard buckwheat with bone meat on board.Very popular!

  • [Handmade sweet]

    • Sartar undergarment

      150 yen
    • Recommended dessert of the season

      400 yen -
    • Tropical Girls Association Course

      Tropical Girls Association Course

      2980 yen

      A very popular course using Okinawa ingredients ♪

    • Banquet course All you can drink

      Banquet course All you can drink

      3500 yen -

      All you can drink in Niraikanai is rich in variety !!

    • NEW! Charcoal grilling various kinds

      NEW! Charcoal grilling various kinds

    • NEW! Charcoal grilling various kinds

      NEW! Charcoal grilling various kinds