[Mon-Thu limited !! tropical girl society course] all 6 dishes tropical dessert with 3-hour all-you-can-drink \ 2980

[Mon-Thu limited !! tropical girl society course] all 6 dishes tropical dessert with 3-hour all-you-can-drink \ 2980

2980 yen

Gold soil holiday the day before the 3500 yen (tax included)

Life drugs that there is efficacy in beautiful skin (Nuchigusui) and Okinawa all-you-can-drink menu of vegetable salad women in happy food is full of course ♪ girls limited, such as attractive! Friday, Saturday and holidays the day before is 3500 yen! 3 plenty in Nirakana time all-you-can-drink!

[Women's Association benefits ♪ of Niraikanai]
★ Nirakana! Mon-Thu friendly girls offer ♪ In the relaxed 3h drinking \ 2980 yen with release]

★ You can name on ♪ birthday dessert available (reservations required)
Such as the message put and production, we will boost the birthday Parley together!

★ The meeting you are the other leading role and celebration plate available (reservations required)

★ birthday and celebrations service combination OK ♪
Please choose from the flower bouquet or message card!

★ all-you-can-drink contents, a ~ do and cute tropical cocktails and rich plum wine is also all-you-can-drink 10 kinds of Niraikanai!'m Special ♪

★ preferentially guidance cute seats according to the number of people ... ♪ like a trip to Okinawa mood!

■ bubble wrap sea grapes
You difference is - bubble wrap feeling.Would no longer Toman! ~

■ seasonal island vegetables salad
Please taste the ~ healthy island vegetables ~

■ proud of Champloo
- Bitter gourd CHAMPLE or Fu Chample ~

■ Okinawa fried ingredients also Assorted
Please - the island ingredients of the season in Okinawa of salt

■ Fresh salsa TACO rice or fried noodles Okinawa salt
~ Healthy Okinawa Soul Food rice taco rice is - along with the fresh salsa

■ tropical! Season of homemade desserts
- That you put out cute you to - Tropical

※ depending on the season and purchase, there is the case that some of the content is subject to change.
Please note.

Coupon that can be used

  • 【Nankoku Girls Association Course】
    3h Drinking and drinking all 6 items with tropical dessert \ 2980 <Mon ~ Tree only !! »(tax included)

    • Presentation conditions
      Application at reservation / Presentation at entering store / Can not be combined with other tickets
    • Conditions of use
      Monday - Thurs Only / Fri Saturdays and Sundays congratulation is 3500 yen / other reservation is normal price / drinking LO 30 minutes ago / 3 people / / other discount unusable combination / 1 pair 1 time 1
    • Expiration date
      Until the end of August 2017